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Vegan/Vegetarian≠ Weight Loss

Following a vegan or vegetarian diet does not guarantee weight loss. Many people have jumped on the vegan bandwagon as of lately, due to its popularity increase over the pass 2 years. Films such as "What the Health?" have sparked interest and a bit of concern amongst its viewers, in regards to what they are eating. It's great to be mindful of the things you consume and understand how the foods you are consuming affect you. Unfortunately, like any other fitness or health topic, many are misinformed due to false information spread on the internet. A common misconception about a vegan diet, is that It will cause weight loss. Although vegans tend to weigh less and consume fewer calories, turning vegan does not make you lose weight. The only formula that does in fact yield weight loss is eating fewer calories than you burn. Vegan meals tend to contain fewer calories but if you are eating large portions of your meals, you'll still maintain or even gain weight, while on a vegan diet. Many people believe that because something is vegan, it automatically means its beneficial to weight loss. Vegans can still eat dairy-free cakes, cookies, candy, oils, butter and dairy substitutes, which can all be very calorie-dense. Many vegans spend the majority of their time seeking the most unhealthy vegan options available. This is method of dieting is counterproductive to weight loss. Whether your calories comes from a steak or a bowl of legumes, a calorie is a calorie. If you replace animal products with highly processed meat-imitation products, refined carbohydrates or “junk foods, you're very likely to gain weight. Some people think that eating a plant-based diet allows us to eat as much as we want. This thought process is incorrect. Plant-based frozen foods, desserts, and snacks can not only be high in calories, but they're often made with refined flour and added sugars. Many foods are stripped of nutrients and fiber, making them bascially filler meals. If you're aiming to lose weight, increase your activity levels and decrease your calorie consumption. This is the only proven way to successfully reduce body fat. Going vegan can aid you in your journey for weight loss, but It will require much more than simply consuming plant-based foods. Understanding the macronutrients and the ingredients in the products you consume is just as important when you are vegan, as when you are omnivorous


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