Fasted Cardio

There are many ways in which people train their body’s, in hopes of getting quicker and more sustainable results. One common method of aerobic training that is discussed often in the fitness industry, is fasted cardio. Fasted cardio consists of engaging in aerobic training before consuming anything in the morning. The idea is that, because your body lacks glucose due to being in a hypocaloric state, your body will turn to fat stores for energy. The theory suggests that you are unable to burn fat during a fed state, which is simply a state in which your insulin levels are above normal. This was first introduce in 1999 by a man named Bill Phillips. He believed a prolonged absence of food would result in low glucose levels and in-turn cause your body to rely on fat to fuel your workout. Unfortunately, aerobic exercise after an overnight fast does not accelerate the loss of body fat. Research shows there’s no significant difference in fat mass and fat-free mass following volume-equated fasted versus fed aerobic exercise. In actuality, body composition changes associated with aerobic exercise in conjunction with a hypocaloric diet are similar regardless whether or not an individual is fasted prior to training. Research does show however, that consuming carbs before exercising can increase your training capacity and allow you to work at a more intense level and longer duration. Therefore, eating carbs prior to working out may be more beneficial to fat loss, than fasting.


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