Effects of Green Tea on Belly Fat

When trying to lose weight, its often difficult to ignore the eye catching posts advertising quick results by taking a pill or consuming a drink. Often, many individuals fall victim to these scams and invest their hard earned money into products that are not proven to yield any of the results promised. In other instances, there may be some research that proves a supplement may help with weight loss, but marketers will exaggerate those benefits, making false claims for sales. Being aware of the scams and educating yourself on the myths in the fitness industry is very important for those looking to begin their fitness journey. One well known remedy for weight loss is green tea. Flat tummy tea, Skinnyfit Tea, and others have spread the idea that consuming green tea will burn belly fat. This article will examine the truth behind those claims and explain what green tea actually does for fat burning.

The Claims:

Flat Tummy Tea describes their green tea supplement as a detox that is packed with ingredients to cleanse your system. Support your metabolism and reduce your bloating. They offer a two week cleanse that will “cleanse your digestive system,” “Detoxify your system,” ad help you to “get a flat tummy while you sleep.” The company claims that their tea will decrease water retention and keep bloating under control. Skinnyfit Tea is another company that claims their “detox” will reduce fat, increase immunity and boost energy. They claim that their tea will help get rid of the extra pounds because of its metabolism boosters. They also claim It will “deflate” your belly and rid your body of all water weight.

The Truth:

Unfortunately, anything in the fitness and health industry that sounds too good to be true, is in fact, too good to be true. Caffeine and Catechins found in green tea may have a thermogenic effect favoring weight loss. However, there’s not a lot of evidence to say we should drink green tea for fat burning results. None of these products have been shown to significantly increase your metabolism and placing all your eggs in that basket is not a very good idea. Green tea or green tea extracts intake exerts no statistically significant effect on the weight of overweight or obese adults. There is a small effect on the decrease in the percentage of fat mass, but it is not clinically relevant. Studies that found green tea to be effective in weight loss, conclude the results in body fat decrease were due to the increase in energy from caffeine, which allowed for more movement, leading to greater calorie expenditure. Jurgens, and Whelan (2014) found that those who consumed the extract of active ingredients in green tea lost on average 0.2 to 3.5 kg more than those in the control group over 12 weeks. In most studies, the weight loss was not statistically significant. Mind you the concentration of active ingredients taken in these studies were significantly more than what is found in a few cups of green tea or Flat Tummy Tea. Also, the claims of detox made by these companies are complete hogwash. Detoxes are a myth. If toxins did build up in a way your body couldn’t excrete, you’d likely be dead or in need of serious medical intervention. You can’t detoxify your body unless you are speaking about ridding your system of drug or alcohol addiction. It’s just another way to sell vulnerable people products that promise results that sound attractive to those who aren’t educated in the field.

What does this mean?:

Simply put, green tea, Flat Tummy Tea, and Skinnyfit Tea are all scams put in place to take money from people with no real understanding of their ingredients and the research behind It. The only benefits of consuming these products are the caffeine found in them. The thermogenic effect is not significant and if you aren’t exercising It’s truly a waste of money. Before investing in something, ask a professional about the effects of the products or supplements. Weight loss and diet supplements aren’t regulated by any organization. This means that can put anything on their ads and labels and make any claims they believe will influence you to spend money. The fitness industry is full of myths that make money for these companies. However, you shouldn’t be discouraged by these facts. Proper exercise training and proper eating habits will in fact yield results. This is a proven fact backed by science. It’s as certain as the sun rising tomorrow. Keep this in mind when you are exploring the supplements and products on the market for weight loss. If It sounds too good to be true, it is.


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